Jan. 22, 2024 -Just another day at work

I worked repairing drywall, plaster and stucco for over forty five years in apartment buildings, motels and homes.

I met some interesting and dangerous people over those many years.

At one apartment complex, I was told to climb through the window as the tenant had not returned the keys yet.

I usually worked in nasty neighborhoods which were over populated and filled with people of low income and just getting by.

Those neighborhoods are the richest in cultural variety, interesting backgrounds and action.

I was young and unafraid. I had to make a living after all.

I had originally planned on becoming a police officer but soon rethought that decision and moved on to another profession. But I guess I had a bit of adventure built into my soul and so was not often afraid. My childhood had prepared me for these neighborhoods.

The turn over time before re-renting apartments was usually three days. So time is of the essence.

It was no problem getting into the apartment.

Usually the windows are cracked open just a little and one can go in from there. That was the case here. Luckily it was on the first floor and entry was much easier than if it had been on the second floor or higher up.

I sent my younger and more agile helper through the window to open the door. That’s what he was there fore, after all.

Eventually he found and opened the front door and we were able to start to work on the repairs.

Let me say here that I wore a uniform of sorts at work. It consisted of my white painter pants and a grey shirt that matched the color of my truck. Nice, right?

Anyway, after working for some time, a policeman entered the apartment with his gun drawn and asked us loudly, “have you seen anyone breaking into this apartment?”

A quick “no” was my answer. What the heck. “We’re just in here repairing this rat nest.”

The officer left after looking around the apartment and deciding that nothing illegal was going on.

Crazy things like this happen out in the world everyday. You just don’t see them when you’re locked up in an office working.

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