March 10, 2024 – The Cruise

This marks the first day of the cruise.

The rain has been here for two days. We are leaving a little earlier than expected due to the weather.

We have looked the ship over form one end to the other. It is short walk. The ship is rather small with only six hundred or so passengers.

“Worth Dying For” was the Jack Reacher novel I just finished. As always, an action packed story with good overpowering evil. We have brought several novels to read on this vacation.

The food seems great so far. The ship looks to be in fine condition.

Many on the ship are sailing the world. There were several false starts for them due to Covid 19. There are rumblings of discontent on board with some of those long term passengers. This may get interesting.

The kingdom of Bedahul was the first kingdom on Bali. It was in the 8th century and continued to the 14th century. Many kings and queens followed with influence from Java.