Tuesday, March 9, 2024 – Bali and our first hotel

March 9, 2024 –

I am almost back on California time. I have been a little scattered and unorganized due to jet lag.

Here we go on my next installment….

We have arrived arrived in Bali.

It is 1:00 am and the flight was interesting. We were on the heels of a rain storm and had a bit of turbulence.

Sadly we could see little as we made a good landing and finally found our ride to the hotel. That was somewhat difficult. There were lots of cabs waiting for arrivals and we covered some geography before we found our driver.

The ride to the Grand Mirage was a little longish over many elevated roads with tolls. The scene was calming with lots of sea and mangroves lining the shores around us. Most of the roads so far have been elevated over water. There was little traffic due to the arrival time.

The drive was a long series of right turns from the airport to the hotel.

This is a land of Hindu followers and tomorrow is a huge celebration much like Mardi Gras as far as I can figure out. There will be parades of large figures and puppets. The city will be closed down for a time of reflection.

We can see the ocean in front of our hotel out past the sand dunes which are covered on grass and plants. There are breakers out on the horizon and near the shore as well. There are islands in the distance with large cumulous clouds hanging over them. It looks much like Hawaii in that respect.

It is hot and humid.

We left L.A. in a rainstorm and arrived here in a rainstorm so at least we are consestant.

I finished reading a thick Jack Reacher novel on the way over and in the lounge during our twelve hour layover. I will start a new book tonight.

Today we get on our ship and spend one more day in Bali.

There was lots of coughing and sneezing at the airport so we’ll see what that will bring.