Sunday April 28, 2024 – Chapter twelve of “The Bad Seed”

WARNING WARNING. Adult themes… This is a novel for adults…There is some adult language in this chapter so use your better judgment, please. I think it was necessary in this instance for a touch of realism.

Here we go again.

“Listen Susan, just a minute before you start. I think we need to make a call to Mrs. Cornel and let her know that her husband has a girl friend on the side. What do you think?” “Well, I can make that call easily if I only had her number. I have received a few of those calls myself over the last few years and am very familiar with how they go. It’s a cruel trick, but these people don’t deserve our sympathy, Jay. They are destroying our young people and costing our nation billions of dollars in productivity and medical bills, but I don’t know her number.”

Jay unbuttoned his shirt pocket, reached into it and pulled out a small sheet of folded, yellow lined, paper and handed it to Susan. “I received these phone numbers from the chief. They’re the numbers for Mrs. Cornell and for Cheeto and his girl friend. This is just the beginning of our onslaught.”

Susan took the paper and unfolded it. She sat down near her makeup desk and looked at Jay. “Please hand me the phone David, I have work to do. She looked at Jay and smiled a coy, girlish smile and dialed the number.

The phone rang for sometime. A woman finally came onto the phone, sounding slightly out of breath. Mrs. Cornel had been dressing her young daughter. Her nanny hadn’t come in yet and she was all alone trying to cope. It had been a long and stressful day. Her husband had been in a bad mood and things had been better between them. They were on the verge of a heated argument. This latest issue with the lost money and product had put them both on edge. They were at the top of the food chain, but it was still bad and made them look weak.

“Hello, is Sam around? I’d like to talk to him please.” “Who is this?” Sam’s wife asked with her lovely and smooth latin accent. “Are you the house keeper he always talks about?” “No, I’m his fucking wife, who the hell are you?” “I’m the woman who has been taking your place now and then in bed with your wonderful husband. He is so sweet. Soon, it will be full time. Has he given you the new luggage yet that I picked out for you?” He has told me what a low life bitch you are.” “What the hell? Who are you?” “Let me talk to my sweetie now.” The phone suddenly went dead.

“Good job Susan, your a real home wrecker,” David said from his chair. Jay looked across the room at David. “We need to find some luggage and get it sent to their house as soon as possible. That was a nice touch Susan.” “David, when you go into town in a few minutes, buy some luggage and have it delivered as soon as possible. I’ll give you the address before you leave.” “Sure, no problem.” “Remember, I want you to buy two of every garage door opener you can find in the big box store downtown. And stop in at Victoria’s Secrets and grab a couple of nice pairs of ladies panties. I’ll leave the type and style to you, but use your imagination. We want something really sexy. Don’t forget the metal strip to make into the Slim Jim as well.

“This is starting to be fun guys,” David said as he turned to leave. “Wait David, I need to write down Sam’s address for you and Susan. Susan, can you get me a pen or pencil and a piece of paper?”Jay wrote the address down twice and tore the paper in half. He handed one half to David as he left and sat back in the chair. Jay handed the second piece of paper to Susan. “This is Sam Cornel’s address. You’re going to need it tonight susan. I need to call the gate guard at my home and put you on the list as well.” “What for?”

“You’re going over to his house sometime tonight to drop something off.” That was all Jay said. “That sounds interesting.”

Meanwhile over at Sam Cornel’s house, his wife came running into his office while he was on the phone. “Hey dear, I’m on a long distance call to Panama right now.” “I don’t give a shit Sam, hang up now!” “Baby, what’s got you so upset?” “A woman has just called the house and told me she is my replacement. Hang up the phone Sam. Sam spoke rapidly into the phone. “I will call you back, I have an urgent issue to deal with. Yes , yes, I will.” Sam then hung up the phone.

“That woman said the luggage that you bought for me to move out with is on its way. What the fuck is going on?” “I have no idea dear, calm down.” “Don’t you dare tell me to fucking calm down. What the hell have you been up to you son of a bitch?” “Obviously someone is trying to get at me through you. This must be part of their plan. The robbery must have been the first part. I have to go to the club tonight to talk with Thomas and Luther. Jason is bringing them there for me to question. Maybe they know something that might help here. Think about it, when would I ever have time for a girlfriend. Your the mother of my children. Your father is one of my business partners. I would have to be crazy to do this to you.”

“You are a little crazy Sam. You wouldn’t be in this business if you weren’t.” “If this is true I will cut your balls off and take the kids down south and you will never see them again, do you understand me?” “My father will kill you.”

“Yes dear, but this all a lie. Please believe me.” “We will see what Thomas and Luther have to say. I want to know exactly what they tell you.” “Alright, I will tell you everything that I find out. Come her and give me a kiss. I am an innocent man.” Her last sentence as she left the room was, “There is no such thing as an innocent man.”

Interestingly, Sam wasn’t completely innocent but he had no idea that his girlfriend hadn’t called his wife. This added much more to his nervousness than Jay could have ever hoped for. After he got his wife out of the office and finished the conversation with his contacts in Panama, he called his favorite girl friend to find out if she had called his wife. She said no, of course, though the thought had crossed her mind more than once. Sam still wasn’t sure about any of this.

“I hope things are getting stirred up at Sam’s place Jay,” Susan said with a slight smile. “Any woman would react instantly and without thinking when a phone call came to her home like that one. I know, I’ve been there.” “Well, this is just the beginning for Sam Cornel, Susan. Tonight is going to be a night to remember. We have a few hours to kill, what do you suggest Susan?” “Well, I still have to do your makeup and we have to wait for David to return with his goodies and hopefully he found and bought some luggage.” “Yes, your right. I think I’ll just close my eyes after I make a phone call. I’ll nap while you work. I need to call the chief Susan. May I use your phone?” “Sure Jay, you know where it is.”

Jay reached out for the phone and called the chief. “I think tonight would be a good night to pull Sam Cornel and Cheeto over sir. Things are in motion. I think around two am or so would work nicely. They both will be at Oscar’s around that time. Don’t do anything until they leave.” “Sure Jay. Good luck by the way.” Jay hung up the phone and looked at Susan.

“I’ll be right back, I need to go to my car Susan.” Susan yelled after him as he left, “I am going to put make up on you Jay, no matter what you do. Jay walked out to his car and found the two small bags of weed he had placed in to the trunk of his car before he left his house this morning. He held them in his hand as he closed the trunk and came back into the house. Susan heard him come back through the front door.

“Jay, you need to come back into my makeup room for you appointment.” “I’m on my way.”

Jay came into the room and tossed the two bags onto the chair where David had been sitting. Susan looked at them but said nothing. “Sit down and let me go to work on you.” Jay stayed quiet and closed his eyes as Susan did her magic. David arrived forty five minutes later and came into the room. He saw the weed in the chair. “Are we going to have a party? That’s a load of weed for you two oldies but goodies.” Jay was awakened by David’s arrival and turned to look over his shoulder at David.

“No David, that’s the weed your going to put into Sam and Cheeto’s cars tonight. Did you get the luggage?” “Yes, it will be delivered first thing in the morning.” “Perfect. How about the Slim Jim and the garage door openers?” “No problem. There are five brands of remotes used in this area for the most part. Jay will most likely have one of these. What about the ladies panties?” “Yes, and I’m never going into a place like that again. Everyone was looking at me. Jesus Murphy.” He poured the contents of the large plastic bag onto the chair, next to the weed.

“Good choice on the panties David,” Susan said as they fell on the chair. Jay grabbed them and gave one pair to David and one pair to Susan.

“You know they charge fifteen cents for these stinking bags Jay?” Jay looked at Susan and spoke to her, “Susan, we need those tasers of yours now. Are the batteries good and strong?” “Yes Jay. I’ll go and get them.”

David looked at Jay and spoke as Susan left the room. “Susan does good work. You look great by the way Jay. I like you as a red head better than your true color. That wig looks great.” Jay turned and looked at himself in the mirror for the first time since Susan had started to work on him half an hour ago. Jay had fallen asleep in the chair. He now had a full red beard and red hair with a touch of grey.

“Yes, I do think I look good as a red head, after all. I wasn’t sure if I would.”

Susan came back in the room with four tasers in her hands. “You pick which one you like David,” Susan said. “I like the one shaped like a gun. It’s easier for me to hold on to.”

“We have about two hours before the curtain goes up boys, do you want to play some cards? Poker perhaps?” “No playing cards.” Jay said seriously. Susan, call Mrs. Cornel again and just hang up. You’re going to call her every fifteen minutes from now until midnight. Set a timer on your cell phone.” That should give her something to ponder. Let’s go over the plan one more time.”

_________ ___________ _______

Things are moving forward at a fast pace. I hope it all works out.