Sunday, April 28, 2024 – More of Chapter Eleven “The Bad Seed”

Are we having fun yet? By the way, if you are in the Southern California area, I will be back on stage May 6th at Malainy’s Grill in Long Beach to tell another true six minute story along with a few other talented people. It’s always a fun night. Food and drinks are always available.

Here we go again with the story.

__________ _________ _________

“Let’s move out to the back yard. I have it all set up for eating outside. It’s a beautiful evening,” Susan said as she stood up with her drink in her hand and led the way out to her lovely back garden trough a set of French Doors. “Don’t stand on ceremony boys, grab a seat. The food is done. All I have to do is put it on our plates. David had just sat down as Susan turned and spoke to him. “David, come and give me a hand with the your plate. I can manage mine and Jay’s.”

David stood back up and followed Susan back into the kitchen and grabbed another beer from the refrigerator as he did so. He was already feeling at home. Susan pulled the oven door down with a large glove and placed a large ceramic bowel on a hardwood trivet on her counter. The large island was in the center of the bright kitchen. “Grab three plates from the cupboard on the right of the fridge dear, won’t you dear?” David did as he was instructed as Jay watched the show from the brick patio, outside.

The two of them soon had everything in order and returned to the large glass table with full hands.

“You seem to be set up well here Susan, why risk all of this on a dangerous folly?”

“I am in fine shape. I get two pensions from the U. S. Government and my husband’s long term safe investments returns help as well. And I do make a few bucks renting out my silly cars. But it all means little since my son is gone. We did this all for him and his future. Now he is gone and so are my dreams for a daughter in law and grand children. Someone has to make the bad guys pay for what they have done and that’s what I plan to do. With or without your help. I can’t say much about my past activities in the Army but let’s just say that I can take care of myself when and if I have to.”

David looked at Jay and then back at Susan.

“What about you David,” Jay asked, “why are you sitting here with the two of us idiots? Jay looked up at David and waited for his answer. “Don’t you have safer and better things to do? Like finding a nice girl and settling down to a nice, simple life?”

“Well, like Susan here, I was in the military Jay and I find working on a worthwhile project with like minded people a positive way to spend my time when I’m not driving passengers around town.” “What are your long term plans David?” Susan asked. “Well, I’m working on a few ideas, but they’re still in the early planning stages. I may go back to school, but like you Susan, I like a little adventure in my life. I guess it’s from being in a war zone for a while. Life back home here seems a little drab at times.”

Susan looked at Jay, then looked down and took a drink from her cocktail. She then looked back across the table at him. “Why are you risking your life, marriage and retirement on this caper, Jay?” “Well, I was getting a little bored, I must admit that. Then this thing with my nephew getting beat to a pulp in his own home set me off a little. He isn’t perfect, but he is slowly coming around, I think. And my sister was there as well. What the hell? Is no one safe in their own home anymore?

I do have the backing of the chief on this and some of his resources available as well. I think I have a little more flexibility than the powers that be in this instance. My wife is almost on board as well.”

“Well, that is almost a good enough reason to get your head blown off by either Sam Cornel or your wife Jay,” Susan interjected. “I guess it doesn’t make much difference at the end of the day, who does it. So what’s the plan Jay. Spell it out for us if you will?”

“It will be a multi pronged attack. Sam is already a little nervous since his dope and money has disappeared at my nephew’s place. He is busy wondering who might have done that, I’m sure.”

“So there is that unknown force out there as well as Sam and his crew that we may run up against,” David said.

“Well, that won”t be an issue David. I was the one who pulled that little thing off. I had little time to prepare, but it was easy. This escapade will be very different. We have ample time to get set up and more bodies to do things.” “Well done Jay,” Susan said. “Sam must be a little worried at the moment about a couple of things, to say the least.”

“Yes Susan, and here’s where we can do even more to unsettle him before we really go after him. David, can you get into Sam’s car? Well, yes, I suppose so. It is a convertible after all and I did work for a tow company after high school for a while. I can make a Slim Jim if needed to unlock the door.”

“Great. I need you to clone Sam’s garage door opener and destroy his fuse for his brake lights so the police can get him pulled over legally. Ditto for this guy Cheeto that I’m meeting tonight. I have plans for his near future too. Can you do that David?” “Sure, we know he drives one of the black SUVS. Those are easy to get into.” David put up his hand and said, “Don’t ask.”

“What about me Jay,” Susan asked sounding like she had been left out of the adventures coming their way soon.

“Susan, the best is left to you and I. You are going to do some crank calls to Sam’s wife to make her think he is fooling around on her. That should be easy for you.” “Yes, sadly I got a few of those myself. You men are simpletons.” “Perhaps. I’m going to plant some nice, ladies undergarments in his jacket or home depending on how things go in the net few days. That should put some heat on him on the home front. Once that is rolling then we will go to phase two. What do you two think about our plan so far guys?”

Well, It sounds good to me Jay,” David said after another swig from his beer. Susan spoke almost at the same time. “Jay, I think you are a fine tactician. Sam isn’t going to know who or what hit him.”

“There are still many variables coming our way, but we will do fine. We all seem to have a bit of experience in these matters, it appears. Fancy that.”

David looked over at Susan and then at Jay. “What about weapons?”

“Well, I hope we don’t need them. If all goes well we will beat them with our planning instead.” “But Jay, what if all doesn’t go well?” David asked.

“I have a gun with me at all times but I hesitate to use it. I have never fired my weapon in all the years I was on the force.” Susan spoke up, “I have a few stun guns for protection David, I could give you one if you’d like.” “Well, that’s a good start I guess.” “They’re very effective David, you can take my word on it.” Both Jay and David thought about that for a moment.

“Are we all set then? Do we all understand the plan as it stands at the moment?” David asked. Things will surely change as we move forward, but I think we are in good shape.” “Yes David, I think it is a fine plan,” Susan said as she finished her drink. “Where do you live David? In town or outside somewhere?” “I live in a small bachelor apartment off of the highway out by the public golf course near Paradise Valley, why?”

“Well David, I have plenty of room here and it seems a shame to waste it while you pay rent somewhere not nearly as nice or affordable. Especially if we are going to be working together for a while. I can make the rent here look much more appealing than where you are now and I’ll cook for you as well. I already have to cook for myself. Cooking for two isn’t much more work. What do you think. Doesn’t that make sense?”

“Well, give me a little time to think about it. I’m on a month to month so that isn’t a problem and I have little in the way of personal effects to move. I’ll give you an answer by the end of the month.” “That’s great David, it’s a little too quiet in this big place living here all alone now.”

“So Susan, where do you want us for this makeup session, the clock is running.” “I have a table all set up in the den. It shouldn’t take more than an hour to do each one of you.” The three people carried their plates into the kitchen and placed them on the counter. “Follow me down the hall, gentlemen.”

The two men followed Susan into the den after Susan filled Jay’s glass once more on the way. As Susan entered the room, she turned on lights. They were much brighter than either man expected.

“I do a lot of makeup work here in my house. The theater is just down the street from here you know. Do you guys go to the theater much?” The two men looked at each other. “I don’t go much Susan, David spoke up. “It’s too expensive for me.” “I’ll get you a season pass. It’s cheaper that way.” David looked at Jay with a small frown. Jay looked back with a big smile. “What color hair do you want David?” Susan asked as she grabbed a large cloth to drape over David.” “Well, I’ve always wanted to be a blond.” Jay looked up at David and smiled again. “Yes, your skin will look nice as a blond.”

In an hour, David sat in front of Jay and Susan with a full beard and a blond wig on. It looked perfectly natural and it suited him well. David looked in the mirror and seemed pleased.

“Ok Jay, it’s your turn. Come on over here and get settled in.

________ ________ __________

What the heck? David has to go to the theater now? What’s next, opera? I’ll put up some more tonight after dinner. See you then

I’ll be on stage May 6th at Malainy’s Grill in Long Beach at The Long Beach Searches for The Greatest Storyteller event at PCH and Second Street. Come and have some fun.