May 21, 2024- Chapter Twenty-Nine of “The Bad Seed”

Jay drove home as the sun was coming up. The sky was a purple gold off in the east behind the mountains. Bats were heading home after feasting on the desert insects. The laws of nature remained intact.

Jay crawled into bed next to Julie and she snuggled close to him. “Are you done with this yet Jay? she whispered.” “Nearly dear. The worst is certainly over for my team and I. We will now just wait and see what happens to Sam Cornel and his group for the most part. Some of them will be getting out on bail.”

A few miles away, two men rang the door bell of Loretta and Sam Cornel’s home. One was her brother and the other was her uncle. Both men were in from Panama City. They had a few important things to work out. Sam was still sleeping in his office on the fold out sofa. He was still not welcome in his bedroom and was very clear on that. He had no idea how long this situation might last.

He didn’t hear the door bell.

When he finally got up and came into the kitchen, he saw his wife’s uncle and brother seated at the table eating breakfast. He had only seen them twice in the last several years since his marriage to Loretta. They looked much older and worn down but their suits were perfect and expensive. They had large plates of food in front of them prepared by Loretta and were enjoying their breakfast. Sam sat down after welcoming them with a hand shake. They seemed glum at best as they looked at him. He was worried about what was coming next.

“What’s for breakfast honey?” “What ever you can put together Sam. I’m not making you a meal for sometime to come. Why should I? Maybe you should go to your girl friends house.” “Oh dear, come on. Let’s not argue in front of your family. I keep telling you that this is some kind of plot against me.”

The two men seated at the table listened and watched with interest. Part of the reason they were here was to sort this family mess all out. Loretta’s father didn’t want Sam running the business any more after the latest problems with the loss of money and drugs. It made Tony look bad. And the fact that his son in law was cheating on his daughter was an embarrassment of colossal proportions.

If Tony Lugano couldn’t control his son in law, what could he be expected to do with a world wide drug network. His bosses were watching his response closely. Sam had put Tony in a rough spot. Even Tony had people above him that he had to answer to. Sam’s future was now in Tony’s hands. Loretta was fine with that.

“Do what you must uncle. I will stand by your decision no matter what it i as she spoke.” “It is mostly up to your father Loretta.” Sam looked at his wife down hearted and lowered his head. He knew what the future might hold. Men in his situation are given few options when things go bad in this business. Most likely whatever it was would not be great for Sam. He was completely compromised but was not guilty for the most part. He had been very careful when it came to his girl friend. Those articles of woman’s clothing found in his car and office had to be planted, he knew that.

Yes, he had a girl friend, but everyone in his circle, including his father in law did or had girl friends in the past. Why was it so different for Sam? He loved his wife and the life he had but found it less than ideal. Hs wife was his boss’s daughter and that put extra power in her hands and pressure on him. Why couldn’t Tony Lugano see that? Tony could, but it didn’t matter any longer. Something had to be done, and done soon. The phone rang as Sam sat thinking about his future.

Susan was making breakfast in her kitchen across town. The bedroom that once had been her son’s was now cleaned and waiting for David’s arrival. She felt a weight lifted from her heart. She wouldn’t be alone any longer. Birds came and landed near the pool to eat seeds lying on the patio. All was right with the world, for the moment as far as Susan could tell.