May 22, 2024 – Chapter Thirty of “The Bad Seed”

Loretta explained to Sam that her father would be calling to talk with him about the issues they were dealing with in the evening. After that discussion and things were made more clear to Tony, he would make a final decision. He was willing to hear Sam out, or so he had informed Loretta, but things didn’t look great for Sam at the moment. Her uncle and brother were willing to do what ever Tony decided to do.

Sam sat nervously in his office waiting for the phone call from his boss and father in law, for sometime. His wife Loretta was not very receptive to talking with Sam or working on their recent problems. She was sure that Sam had a girl friend and she was not happy about it. She tried to stay out of his business as much as possible for several reasons and focused on raising their children. That was a full time job. She didn’t want to be distracted by the dangerous and illegal activities of her family.

She understood that the less she knew, the better it was for everyone. She knew that she couldn’t be compelled to testify against him. But she didn’t want to have to worry about saying anything that might damage him in the eyes of the police, so the less she knew, the better. She only knew that he owned several buildings and ran a large restaurant and bar.

She knew that there was enough legal money coming into the family coffers for them to live on without suspicion for outsiders or the government. They paid tons of taxes and had survived the scrutiny of tax officials more than once. Sam kept very good books on his legal companies.

There had been several conversations in Panama with Tony’s boss and he was open to a few options for Sam. One was that he jump bail and come down to Panama. Sam was facing charges of possession of a gun without a permit at the moment. The gun was stolen and linked to a killing. That had been determined after a few days. Those charges hadn’t been filed yet, however. He could also be charged with having stolen property and accessory to murder after the fact.

The second choice would be for Sam to stay in Arizona and go to trial. That was not an ideal situation from their view point in Panama. There was a chance that more information on Sam’s and his employer’s activities might come to light if he went to trial. That was a problem for them.

The third and less desirable choice for Loretta and her father was simply to take Sam out into the large desert and kill him. The fourth choice would be to bring him to Panama and kill him there. The big boss would see that carried out in his country and be assured that the problem had been properly resolved. He opted for that resolution.

The conversation Tony would soon have with Sam would determine what the outcome would be.

Sam tried to kiss Loretta as he left the house but she wasn’t having it. “Get out of her and go see that woman of yours. She can keep you as far as I am concerned, you bastard.” Sam used to love his wife’s Latin accent, but now it felt harsh. She ran into their bedroom to cry as he left the house. Sam thought that going to work was the best thing to do. If the police were watching him, he felt that it would be better to keep up his usual routine.

Susan kept a close watch on Oscar’s as she sat behind her desk. She decided to call Jay. “Hello Jay, how are you doing?” “Fine Susan, what’s up?” “There are still men coming in from Sam’s organization Jay. I see plenty of black SUV’s coming around.” “Well, Sam does still need to keep his boss or bosses happy. More so now than before, possibly. He is in hot water with them and the police. Surely the police are watching every move he makes now. What’s up with David?”

“He’s moving in today. He has his car packed up. I just talked to him. He gave the apartment keys to the landlord half an hour ago. He’s on his way over here now.” “Great. I hope it works out for the both of you.” “I’m certain that the drug business is still going on across the street Jay. Several black SUV’s were still stopping by.” “Maybe I’ll just drop in to Oscar’s for a quick beer on the way to your place to talk with you and David. That will give me a chance to see if Sam is around.” “Be careful Jay. We don’t want any trouble from him at this point.” “Your right about that Susan, this plan has worked out nicely. Sam is going away for sometime no matter what as far as I can tell.”

The best results would be for all four guys to end up in prison. But time will tell. That would make me very happy. I think only then will my family be safe. I don’t think his wife will be a problem.” “Great Jay, David just pulled up. I’m going out there to help him bring his belongings in.” “Great. See you soon Susan.”

Sam still was’t satisfied with what he knew about Susan’s past, but she had held up her end of the plan well. She showed no fear or unwillingness to do anything. That alone told him volumes of what her past must have been. He hoped that tonight he might find out just a little more. He was bring a fine bottle of old Scotch to celebrate their success with her and David. Perhaps she might talk after a few drinks.

_____________ _____________ _____________

More of this to night. I think we are nearing the end. What will happen to Sam? To David? Will we find out Susan’s secrets?