July 3, 2024 – “Mrs. Vee”

The long version of “Mrs. Vee” will soon be up on Amazon. It is an interesting and exciting story of sorrow and revenge. There are many forces at work in this tale.

“The House on the Cliff” will follow shortly. This western novel is set in California before statehood. It is filled with history, real figures and lots of interesting events. The first chapter is here on my website. It is just a taste of what is in store for the reader.

“Kazu, son of Osheda Kamasaki” will be up on Audible soon. “Sunrise, Sunset,” my book of short stories is there waiting for you now.

I will have “The Bad Seed” finished shortly. It has been a fun ride, I must admit.

We leave for Africa again at the end of August for a month. We will be in Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania to learn and see.

I wish all of you a great fourth of July. Please remember what it stands for.

Thanks to all of you who come and keep coming to my website. I have many more stories coming your way.

“Sunrise, Sunset” my book of short stories is now on Audible. “Kazu, son of Osheda kamasaki” is coming soon.

I have many completed stories still in my vault and aching to see the light of day.