Sunday June 30, 2024 – “The Bad Seed” and more

Hello to everyone out there.

We have been entertaining a special young guest for several days here at our home. Thus, I have not been at my desk working as usual. I was busy last week and nearly finished the rewrite of “The Bad Seed.” I will put up the finished rewrite of the first chapter shortly on my travel blog as before.

My wife is busy getting us ready for out trip to Africa at the end of August. In our home, the best person qualified for the job is the one who does it. My wife seems to be the best qualified for most jobs around here. I’m alright with that and it lends itself to a happy and quiet atmosphere here if I go along with the program.

I have a new Audible book being created at the moment. It is, “Kazu, son of Osheda Kamasaki.” It is available on Amazon and in The Kindle lending Library.

It is the fictional story about a remarkable young man thrown into the jaws of history by a ruthless shogun and forced to lead a large army against an unknown foe, among other adventures. A young woman may come along and help Kazu rewrite their history to their liking.

Wouldn’t that be a surprise?