China – 2008 – Landing in China from South Korea – 2008

There are no direct flights to North Korea from South Korea.

The airport experience in China was interesting. The guard dogs sniffing for who knows what picked my wife’s luggage to alert on. Quite amusing, not. The guards look at us suspiciously and asked to look inside as they put their hands on their weapons.

My wife had read that chocolate is in short supply in North Korea. So, being the thoughtful person that she is, she brought some for the hotel staff and others that we might come in to contact with. The dogs thought it was for them.

The North Korean airplane that we flew out on a few days later was an old Russian plane. It had no doors on the overhead storage bins. Oh well, not the first time that an airplane was well used when we got to use it our selfs.

The landing was fine in North Korea. The airport was lined at it’s edges with cannibalized¬† airplanes of all sorts.

The inspection upon landing was low tech as our passports were immediately confiscated. We were reminded not to bring in ANY printed materials into the country and stand over there. They are a serious lot to be sure.

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