North Korea – Comments regarding a possible peace treaty – 2018

My wife and I wanted to see most of the communist countries before they collapsed. History shows us that the system is corrupt and destroys people’s hopes, dreams, and lives. We have done that over the last few years. We have been to North Korea, Russia, Cuba, and the former, Eastern Europe.

Thankfully, there seems to be a beginning of political discussions with the Hermit Kingdom. Having traveled there, I have a good idea of what they are capable of and what conditions most of the people live under. I have also read several books on the topic.

Nothing good comes from ignoring problems. Whether they be in our family or on our little planet. President Trump’s talking with North Korea is a step in the right direction. Yes we need accountability and verification of all matters discussed and which may come to pass later.

Sadly many of our allies and trading partners are despots or communists who would love to see us falter and fall into ruin. Like China does, perhaps. They are not our friends. But in this case they may be able to help us. We shall see.

I wish good times for all of us and better times for the North Korean people. I do not wish for our country to go into recession to get rid of President Trump like some do. That would be very difficult for most of the American people. Those who believe that should try not to be so selfish.

Take a deep breath, and use your brain and really look at what this approach might bring to the world.

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