Athens – Olympics – 2004

We toured the city and saw all of the sites.

Our hotel was quite old and filled our needs perfectly. One morning, I dropped the soap in the shower and bump my head on the toilet tank when I bent over to pick it up. Yes the bathroom was small, but quaint. The hotel had a wrought iron elevator big enough for two people I suppose, but I’m still not sure. It was a wonderful place.

There was no escaping the bike races. They were running through the city constantly.

We went to the Odeion of Herodes and the theater de Dionysos Eleuthareus. No women in these shows, men played all of the parts.

We  watched Greek dancers as one must do when traveling there. I mean one must or pay the consequences.

We saw the statue of Leonidas of Sparta. We saw the Acropolis up close and lit up at night. Perfect.

After some days, I thought that I was beginning to understand the Greek alphabet and could actually read the signs. Don’t be fooled, it is impossible. It appears to be a language with a sense of humor written into the alphabet. When you think you have it slightly figured out, it throws you a curve ball, or a sinker.