Greece and the Olympics

A smart man never buys a bow for his wife. It only brings trouble.

This arena is thousands of years old
Marty Fish on the court.

These olympics were celebrating the one hundred year anniversary of the modern Olympics. My wife broke her foot here on the first day of our trip. She had it wrapped for the entire vacation. She was able to do all the she wanted to do. She is tough.

We watched Marty Fish play tennis at the Olympics. My wife and I both played tennis in High School and I still play to this day. We say the fencing teams of several nations compete against each other. It was exciting. We had taken fencing lessons and wanted to see how the truly talented perform.

We watched the archery competition in one of the original, ancient sites of the first olympics. My wife had taken archery in High School.

The targets were viewed on giant video screens. The Korean woman’s team was remarkable. One of the women put her arrow into the center of the lens of the camera which was located in the exact center of the target and no larger than the diameter of a dime.

A reminder to men not yet married and married, don’t buy your wives or future wives archery equipment. I think that it would be a mistake after what I’ve seen here at the Olympics. Perhaps a frisbee would be a wiser choice, and safer too.