Greece – 2004 – The Museum – Mycenae

We saw many incredible things on this trip. Too many to mention and probably boring as well.

The mask of Agamemnon is a must however. You have surely seen the gold mask with the full beard and mustache. Don’t leave Greece without seeing it.

This trip was special for many reasons. What ever you are interested in, Greece has something for you. The food, the people, the architecture and all of the history. If you never get here it will be a shame. Put it on your list.

We walked under the Lyon Gate at Mycenae and saw the ruins there. We went into the treasury of Atreus and saw the Corinth Canal, and then we went to Mykonos. I can still hear the name Mykonos in the breeze as it blows slowly past my ears at home, “Mykonos.”