Panama Canal Cruise – Catalina – 1998

Friday – We arrived at Catalina at 8:00 am.

The island is 9.6 square kilometers and the site of the 17th century sunken vessel of Captain Kidd, known as the Quedagh Merchant or as he called her, the Cara Merchant. He was hung there on May 23, 1701.

One of the twenty six cannons has been removed and sent to the National Geographic display called “Treasures of the Earth, in Indianapolis, Indiana.

James Michener wrote a great book about the pirates and the islands of this area. I believe it’s called “The Caribbean.” It is quite interesting and it discusses the history of most of the islands in this region, the different people who lived there and a little about Panama if you are interested.

Do you know where the term Buccaneer comes from? I do, it’s very interesting.