Panama Canal Cruise – St Thomas -1998

We were traveling on the Legend of the Seas. It was a fine ship as far as I could tell. The ocean water stayed out and there was plenty of food. Perfect. Who knows where that ship is now. It might have been recycled into so many refrigerators and washing machines by now. I doubt that it still afloat. It would be considered small and outdated by now. I’m sure of that.

We sailed west to St Thomas over night and arrived safely in there the next morning. My son and I took a kayak trip along the beach and up into a river while my wife went into town with some of her family.

St Thomas is a Beautiful place and we had a fine day.

At 5;30 in the afternoon, we sailed for Catalina in the Dominican Republic.

I love the weather of the Caribbean. The warm sun and the cool breezes make for the perfect temperature. It is my favorite climate. I am lucky that I live in Southern California and experience that same weather , most of the year.