Day 9 – Passage to Eastern Europe – 2015

The frotress

Day 9 – October 9 – Rousse, Bulgaria – We arrived in town this morning. We ate a fine breakfast and then went out for a full day excursion. We saw some of the city of Rousse and then went out to the former capital, Veliko Tarnovo.

We went to Tsaravets Hill to see the remains of the royal castle.

We ate lunch in the town of Arbanasi, an historic village, and then continued on for a tour of the Nativity Church, known for its frescoes.

Have you ever thought about the process of painting frescoes? The plaster is still wet when the paint is applied and then the paint soaks into the plaster. The Sistine Chapel was painted in this manner.

Let me say here that I understand  the need for a budget on all of our adventures. We seldom travel on the most expensive trips. We are a mid-range kind of couple when it comes to traveling. But do take as many side trips as time and finances will permit.

They are always worth the cost in many ways and who knows, you may not get back to this particular area again, if ever. Time has a way of changing our plans, sadly.

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A fortified entrance to the river.