Day 10 – Passage to Eastern Europe – 2015

The house of the people, Romainia

Day 10 – October 10 – Giurgiu & Bucharest, Romania

Bucharest was founded in the 14th century. It was made the capital 1859 with the merging of Moldavia and Walachia.

We drove past the beautiful 17th century patriarchal Church, and then on to a village museum. It was a museum of different styled buildings of this area. It was very interesting and built in a lovely spot.

We had lunch which included a folkloric performance. Hey, if you don’t like a little culture, you wouldn’t be here, right?

We then went to see Ceausescu’s giant “House of the People,” sitting up on a rise. It was truly amazing and a colossal waste of money. It appears to be a modern attempt at a royal palace, city hall and civic center, all in one location.

It is a “HUGH” place with many interesting features. I just wonder how many people it takes to maintain and keep clean. I guess it does give work to many people in the area.

It is beautiful in some ways and garish in others. I, as a tradesman, always notice the things that are broken or out of repair.

That is my burden to carry and I will say no more about that, except perhaps that Ceausescu got just about what he deserved.

So this ends this little tale of our adventures on the Danube and the surrounding countries. Do go if you have the desire and don’t be afraid to travel. If you don’t go now, when will you? We are not getting any younger.

Spend your money for your own enjoyment and let the kids make their own.

You’ve worked hard for all that you have saved, now go out and spend some of that and see the world. You will be on the other side soon enough!

A little culture.