Day – 11 – Passage to Eastern Europe – 2015 – Transyvania

An endless source of blood down below.

October -11 – The ride to Vlad’s Castle isn’t like going to grandma’s house, or maybe it is. Little good came from the wolf or Vlad “The Impaler.”

He did save Europe from the Muslims centuries ago, by the way. Look up his story. It is a very interesting one.

He was one tough fellow and turned the invading Muslims back. He saved Europe from the invaders and helped to preserve the western, Christian way of life. With out Christianity, you would not have Western Civilization as we know it today.

I am not a Christian, but do understand history to some degree.

The landscape is beautiful and dense. With hills and mountains covered with deep, dark forests. It’s no wonder that so many intriguing tales came out of this part of the world.

Just think about living by the light from the sun and perhaps a few candles at night. All types of monsters lurked in those dark forests and deep, misty valleys.

When the sun set, lock the doors and bar the windows before the werewolf and the vampire could break in and steal your soul and all your worldly possessions, including your children.

They made a nice snack, I’m sure of that.

What lurks within this forest?
He looks nice enough.