Day – 11 – Passage to Eastern Europe – 2015 – Transyvania

Oct. 11 – Transylvania – I can’t say that name enough. It conjures up all of the foreboding and fear that a good horror story should.

That is not to say that this land does not have its charms. But those charms seen in the light of day soon become monsters and demons when the sun has set behind the distant Carpathian Mountains where all manner of horrors live.

We have come to Peles Castle, a 19th century fortification in Sinaia. The building is a pleasant mix of European architectural styles. We toured the castle and are were rewarded with a history lesson and a lesson on architecture.

The gardens are beautiful, but I can’t help but feel that I am being watched by some inhuman creature just off in the trees. What the heck was that moving through the underbrush? I can see glaring red eyes! “Dear?”

I look at my wife, but she sees nothing. She is constantly taking beautiful pictures of flowers and the trips highlights, but she never sees the danger and the monsters that I see.

“Help,” I yell in my brain to my self and then see the two bunnies run out into the sunlight and on to the perfect grass to romp and cavort. Thank goodness the sun is still up.