Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia – Oct-Nov 2018

We are back from our adventure. Laos was wonderful and the people were great. We almost got killed on a wet, muddy mountain pass in the rain, but we survived to tell the tale. It was a close call and we are glad to be here to tell you about our trip. If you have ever thought about going to this part of the world, do it before it is too late and these places look more like southern California. Laos is the least developed, but the hotels are wonderful as is the food and the guides. Vietnam is full of ancient history and some facts that we as Americans have never been told. Cambodia is wonderful and again, the hotels in all of these countries are very modern and comfortable. I had thought they would be more “rustic,” but that was not our experience. The three countries all have a different flavor and some things in common. The traffic is crazy and to be a pedestrian is an adventure not soon to be forgotten. But jump in and join the crowd. You will not be disappointed. I would go back tomorrow if there weren’t so many more places to go to. I will start putting up my stories tomorrow, the 13th.

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