Nov.1 – The great leader -2018 – Hoi An

Nov.1 – The great leader has passed away a few days ago.

Our tour leader nor anyone else has mentioned it. I guess that is one of the differences between here and home. Here, everyone is still going about their daily business. At home in America some people are so wealthy and comfortable that they have endless time to mock and complain about our politicians. I think somewhere in between is a place of balance.

I think we have a pretty good system here and things continue unchanged no matter who is in charge. The congress keeps its eyes on the President and the Supreme Court is at hand in the back ground, just in case.

My Vietnamese is a little limited. I know one word, but I am afraid to use it for fear of using the wrong intonation and starting another war.  There are six pronunciations for each word here and though subtle, they are of the utmost importance.  I dare not speak. I have read the papers and understood nothing.

The weather was perfect yesterday. It was around 68 degrees with a nice breeze. The locals found it cold and where all bundled up. We are just about a mile from the coast so the climate is much like my home.

We went on a search for a local mask last night. We walked the city looking for a mask to add to our collection. The local style is a round, woven, bamboo affair with a face painted on it. It was not what we wanted so we will continue looking. We have a few good leads as to where to look. This is part of the fun of travel. We have heard about their painted paper mache opera masks and will try to find some to look at.

We will be here for three days and then we are off to Cambodia by bus.