November 4 – The importance of gun ownwership

Nov.4 – Check out the story on FOX News about the unfortunate escapee named Bruce McLaughlin who kicked in the door of woman’s home at 3:00 am and grabbed a knife sharpening tool as a weapon. This took place in Pickens County, South Carolina.

The woman had undergone weapons training in the past and shot the intruder dead. I wonder what might have happened to this woman who was home alone if she hadn’t shot him. Should she have talked him into submission? She would have been raped or worse by the time the police would have arrived.

I wonder if any of the other papers or news agencies will carry the story? It doesn’t fit their narrative about the advantages of owning a gun very well.

Ask any of your police officer friends about what they think of citizens owning guns. The victims are already injured or dead by the time the police arrive. They cannot protect us all of the time. We need to protect ourselves.

If you come into my home uninvited with criminal behavior on your mind, beware. I will shoot you without a moments hesitation.