Raising a family

Raising a family is hard work. The easy and fun part comes first, obviously. The following months and years are when the work gets more difficult, important and sometimes less fun.

It’s a parents job to TEACH their children how to become human beings.

It isn’t easy, but it is necessary and it is your obligation as a parent. If you aren’t up for the job, don’t have children.

Children come with little instinct. The more we learn through science, the more we learn that even the wild animals learn from their parents by watching what they eat and how they behave. Much less comes from instinct.

Have you shown your children how to behave in public? Have you shown them how to eat properly with cutlery, or are they just going to have to wing it. Have you shown them how to treat their elders and strangers. Have you shown them how to behave in a theater or in a restaurant? Have you shown them anything about what it takes to be a successful member of our society?

Do you just not care what people will think of you and your children when we see them out in public? Are you that lazy and ignorant?

If a young man were to come to eat dinner at my home and didn’t know how to use his cutlery or show good manners, I would wonder about his parents and their children’s upbringing. I would think twice about wanting to have these barbarians join my family by marriage or any other means. Do your children a favor. Teach them how to behave in polite society and in public. It isn’t that difficult if you start early. Be a parent.

When I have to reprimand your child for talking during a play or a movie or for kicking my theater seat, don’t get mad at me. He’s proving that you haven’t done your job as a parent.

Is it any wonder that our society is in the mess that it is in now? Too few children were taught the rules of decent behavior. We can see the results all around us. Rude, impatient, ignorant people are not in short supply sadly, while common decency is.

We would have fewer people in our prison system if their parents had just taken the time to turn their children into human beings. If they had manners and could carry on a pleasant conversation with others, they might be able to perhaps find a job working with the public.

If you have no manners, how do you expect to get a job. An education is important, but you can fake that to some degree. How many times have we heard about successful people who couldn’t read or write. You can’t fake good manners however.

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