The history of man – Dec.15 2018

I can’t help but worry about what I see happening in my country as far as free speech and tolerance goes.

I hold many opinions about issues, but they are probably no more valid than the next person. I will listen to other peoples points of view, however. It is obvious that I don’t have all the answers.

I have never agreed with all of the ideas or ideals of our presidents, but I can separate the ideas from the person. I think that is important for humans to do. It is one thing that separates us from other animals. Remember what bad things happen when you make one group less than another.

There are few safe rooms in the real world. The university’s job is to educate young people by giving out information. If the information is skewed, it is an incomplete education.

The world is a harsh, dangerous and difficult place. If you can’t learn to survive in a university where more than one opinion being expressed you will fail in the real world.

I have just returned from Cambodia and have traveled to China and many other countries. The downfall of freedom starts with little things and ends up in tyrannies. Read a little history about the Cultural Revolution in China or the fall of Cambodia due to the Khmer Rouge. You will see the parallels.

Better yet, travel to as many countries as you can and learn about them before you judge America without all of the facts. By the way, how can you have all of the facts when you stop people with differing views from speaking on a campus. Just a thought.