Day 21 – Nov.10 – Siem Reap – The last day – 2018

Nov.10 – Saturday – This is the last day of our adventures in Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia.

We had a great time and wish that all of you could come here for a great vacation.

It isn’t difficult and the hotels were great. The roads are bumpy sometimes and there is the dust, but so what. No matter what your budget, I’m sure you will find something that will suit you. We do not travel expensively. We fly coach so we can make more trips.

Put these three countries on your list and come have a great time as we did.

We arrived in Singapore airport a few hours ago. We have a ten hour lay over. We have ourselves ensconced in nice lounge.

We seldom use these though we are members of several. It just isn’t our style. However this is a long wait and so we will take advantage of this chance. The flight was fine and now we are on our way home.

This has been a very pleasant journey except for a few early mornings and long days. I hope you take a chance and come to this part of the world soon.

It is changing quickly and becoming more modern everyday. Soon these countries and their cities will look just like LA or any other large city in the world and the trip here will be less interesting.

As always, the people make the adventure. Both those that you meet and that you travel with and those who live at your destination.

Look for trouble and you will find it. Look to learn and make new friends and you will.

Happy travels.