Day 6 – Fly to Jaipur India – 2018

Day 6 – Dec.22 – After breakfast we flew to Jaipur.

We reached the city after a forty five minute flight. I met a nice young man on the flight whose family is in the diamond business.

We went to a factory where they make paper from scrapes that are gathered from many sources. The workers are poor under educated men and women. Nothing goes to waste. A vase found us and asked to be shipped home. What could we do.

We then went to a place where they serve “safe street food.” We had many small servings like tapas, of many different items. The plates are then fed to the cows. “ANYONE SEEN A COW AROUND HERE?

We then went to the Papu Bazar. We soon found a few items and people watched for a while.

The “Pink City” is called the “Pink City” for the rosy color of all of its buildings.

We had lunch and then went to see the City Place. It is on the main street and is a site that you will not soon forget. It reminds me of a set of organ pipes. The top is cut to make the building’s front form an arch. There are many balconies that make the face look rippled, almost. It is a unique building as far as I can tell.

There is another palace inside a walled complex near by. There is a museum filled with clothing and relics. It was amazing. The word “pajama” comes from India. Did you know that?

We walked through the large gate into the Raj’s Palace. The monkeys watched us with suspicion and envy. We have opposable thumbs and their’s are defective.

There is a separate building in the center that is now a textile museum.

The word “pajama” comes from India.  Jama is a type of clothing.

The paisley pattern comes from India also. It is a type of leaf.

We went to the armory and saw all of the interesting and deadly weapons displayed up on the walls.

We ate lunch in a very nice restaurant inside the walls of this complex. It consisted of a sandwihich, fries and a drink. It must have been Indian food as we are in India, after all. It was a pleasant experience with lovely architecture and gardens. The princess or prince was at home I guess. His or her flag was atop the one last building that they are allowed to use.

We also went to the Jantar Mantar Observatory. This is another World Heritage site. You can learn about the Rajasthani Culture here. Look this place up on the web, it won’t be a waste of your time, trust me.

The stone and plastered instruments are finely carved and well worth a look. There are lines that show the path of the sun and other planets during the year.

The area around this complex is a large retail bazar. The shops are interesting and the shop owners are always fun to talk to, even if they won’t let you leave without making a purchase.

By the way, the mailman comes twice a day here in India, but he only drops off the mail. You must take the outgoing mail to a box on the street.

We aren’t in Huntington Beach, anymore.