Day 7 – Dec.23 2018 – The Amber Fort

Dec 23. – Day 7 – We started with a quick stop at the Place of the Winds.

We then were off to see the Amber Fort.

It is a very well preserved, four level fort. It was complete with its own air conditioning system from hundreds of years ago. Water travels under the marble floors in channels and cools the rooms.

The Royal family would come out here for some rest and relaxation sometimes. It is very highly carved and painted.

The fort is a pinkish orange and blends into the nearby mountains. The walls are capped with rounded shields for the archers. There are slots in all of them to shoot from.

It was a fort, and was used to block any unwanted visitors who wanted to come through the pass.

There were elephants here, painted in colorful patterns and being used to cary tourists up the long ramp to the courtyard. We walked and gave the elephants a break.

There were several rooms to see and no two were the same. The views from here were great. We came early and missed ll of the traffic.

As we leave now, we are trapped in it and are moving at a snails pace. Most snails are content with that, though we are not. We have things to see and do.