Dec. 21 – Old Delhi – 2018

Day 3- Dec.21 – We went to Old Delhi today and walked through the pen air Mosque. We then went to the old quarter.

We took pedal rickshaws through the old quarter and dodged all of the carts, cars and other rickshaws, and pedestrians. This is very much like Hanoi in traffic volume.

The motorcycles coming through tried to dodge all of us, or did they?

We visited a Muslim family in the old quarter. They have a large ancient house that has been subdivided among the family members over time. Their house is four hundred years old and sits on a busy, narrow street.

Apparently, the new Indian f=government is fanning anti Muslim feelings and nationalism. This family feels unsafe and some are planning to leave. The father os retired, but the adult children seem to be having difficulties finding work.

The Indian Muslims live in fear here and some have been murdered in the streets. They blame the west and the U.S. for fanning nationalism. I just don’t get it. Why is it always America’s fault. I wish ill on or to no one. Some, perhaps most things run in cycles.

We see people in our streets who cannot and do not want to speak our language, but who come here and take jobs from American workers. Why do our leaders do this at the expense of our own people? I don’t get it.