India – The Group – Dec.20, 2018

Day 1 – Dec.20 – We had breakfast and met our group for the short walk to the Sikh Temple this morning.

We did the tour again, but this time we ate with our group and the locals on the floor of the cafeteria. You sit on very long narrow rugs, on top of the marble floor, Indian style, of course, and  are given a plate. A man comes along with a bucket and gives you rice. Another man follows soon after with another bucket of course, with another course and so on until your plate is full.

All of us and the servers are bare footed, but we washed our feet before coming in, so no worries. They feed 20-25 thousand people a day here. Everyone is welcome.

The Sikhs have no clergy. The ones most familiar with the books do the readings while others chant to music. Quite pleasant actually.

We then went on a bus ride to the government buildings in the center of town and the India gate, think Arch de Triumph, dedicated to the Indian dead of WWl and the Afghan War from many years ago.

We went to Humayuns Tomb. It is a precursor of the Taj Mahal, but done in Red and pink sandstone. It is a Muslim styled building with gardens divided into four equal parts by four culverts filled with running water. The site is thirty acres.

There are fountains around the gardens. Water is a sign of wealth to those who live in dry countries and the sound of the fountains are relaxing on hot days.

Our group consists of two female Navy veterans, my wife being one, two or three teachers, one graduated from Harvard, a couple of musicians, an elevator construction worker, a psychologist, me, the plaster boy and a few others. We are fourteen at the moment.

We shall see if we end up with the same number that we started with.

I think we are the most fit. Some have long term ailments and some difficulty walking. Age is a cruel mistress.

The weather has been fine so far. Our female guide for this adventure is very pleasant and informative, but we are just beginning. We are on a tight schedule and must behave. The tour company has relaxed some in the number of early mornings.