India – Day 1- Dec.19, 2018

Dec.19 – Just arrived – The tour starts tomorrow. We slept until 1pm and then ventured out into the busy streets.

A local man in a suit helped us across the street, not knowing of our expertise in thees situations. Thanks, by the way.

We had a fine lunch and toured the big Sikh temple and learned about the religion. It is based on great ideas, but sadly man seldom meets the mark and cannot change his nature.

The Temple here, feeds thousands of people daily.

We made it back with the help of our rickshaw driver who took us to lunch and then was available when we were finished.

We had to change our walking plan due to protesting farmers and the police who have come to calm them down some with water cannons. They want their farm loans forgiven. They are really struggling as most farmers do. The middle men make the lions share of the profits.

The weather is nice and the temperature is about 70F, but cooler weather is coming. We are in a very nice hotel. The luggage was x-rayed before coming into the hotel. The Sikhs would be disappointed that this was necessary, I think. We meet our group tomorrow.