Another great act

As I just mentioned, we had some great entertainers in our place over the years.

Perhaps they were just starting out or on their way down as I mentioned earlier. My father was in charge of everything with my mother’s consent, no doubt.

One of my favorites then and still today is Tina Turner. At the time, she was still with Ike, but this time, he didn’t show. He had more important things to do. Like get into mischief, I suppose.

Anyway, Tina did her show. I was not allowed to see it or was otherwise occupied. I was a very young boy at the time. My apologies and my loss, no doubt.

Let me add here that there was a “little” disturbance during and after the show. Several members of a Latino car “club” came and tried to stir up trouble. It was a bad decision on their part.

My brother and I watched from the safety of the restaurant as bodies were tossed over cars and men fought until one or the other could not continue. Many interesting weapons were produced by the car club, but they didn’t sway the outcome.

My mother yelled for someone to call the police, but the show was much too good to leave for a mere phone call.

In the morning some of my neighbors, the car club members, came back looking for their shoes and other articles of clothing that they had lost during a hasty and successful escape.