Prelude to Rome

Jan.2 -2019 – I have started the prequel to Grandpa Ernie’s Secrets.

I never write from an outline or name my characters before they introduce themselves to me. I create the outline as I write the story. I have however learned my lesson from The Adventures of the Smith Family. That was such a long novel and had so many characters that it wore me out trying to remember them all. So I went back about a third of the way in and wrote down all of the characters names and relationships.

It is raining cats and dogs by the way, here in Sunset Beach at the moment. We are supposed to go to Santa Maria to visit my very spry 93 year old mother-in-law for her birthday tomorrow, Sunday. She still drives and is amazingly well preserved and on top of things. We may have to go a different way this time as 101 is now closed due to mud slides.

This new book will intermingle Ernie into the real history of the CIA. I have much research to do, but have a starting point, in that I know my three characters now. I will meet the real people behind the darkened windows of the institution and try to create a fair and interesting story.

It’s easy to point your fingers at a government agency and complain when you have no idea about what and who they have to deal with. Remember that the next time you want to chime in about something that you have no insight or information on, or any of the facts.

“I know dear.” My wife is listening from the other room. “It has never stopped you in the past, R. C.” “She is correct!!”

By the way, if you live near the city of Orange and you need a book or two, call Ann at Book Carnival at 714-538-3210. Tell her that R.C. Hand told you about here. We need to support our local business people and book stores.