Are you paying too much in taxes?

Are the very rich not paying their fair share?

Think again. Go to Google and simply enter, “what tax brackets pay how much in taxes”.

The truth may surprise you. By the way, how many poor people create jobs and hire us to work. Not many I suspect. The wealthy are the ones who employ many of us. Take their wealth by high tax brackets and then who will create the jobs?

Many of my customers started out with nothing as I did and bought a little real estate and worked their jobs for decades and bought a little more real estate when they could afford to.

Eventually, if they worked really hard and if they got a little lucky, they ended up with a nice portfolio.

Sometimes their tenants destroyed their property and they had to spend thousands of dollars to repair it. Less profit for them that year, and rents go up. That’s where I came in. I repaired all of the damages.

The government doesn’t create wealth, working people do. All the government does is tax us to run the country.

I’m alright with that as long as they leave me my fair share.

How much should a working man or even a wealthy man or woman pay in in income taxes after paying property taxes, sales taxes and all the other taxes that we pay.

Why should property owners pay to run the majority of the government. If one makes enough to buy a house, that means he has already made a fair amount of money and paid income tax on that money.

Why should his house then be taxed to run the schools, or anything else.

Why not tax everyone through sales taxes to run the government? The wealthy, buy more and would pay more automatically. The poor could have cards that would let them pay a lower amount of sales tax, like a drivers license.

Yes, there might be some nonsense and graft, but that’s life. Some people are just cheaters.

I think this would help to keep rents stabile also. Property owners have to add the cost of property taxes on to their rents to recover the money that they pay in taxes. By the way, every time you damage your apartment, that just leads to higher rents or less apartments on the market. Some small landlords get tired of being baby sitters and just sell their properties off to big property companies.

Far more people purchase retail items than own property, so you might have more people paying more money into the system. And property owners could keep rents at a lower rate of inflation because the rents wouldn’t be tied to rising taxes. Perhaps this is more fair, and maybe more sales taxes would be generated than by property taxes. It might bring in more money. But don’t add one new tax and not take the other one away.

Why is it alright to tax someone out of their house to pay for everything. I just don’t get it.

We are in all in this thing together. I don’t have kids in school and yet I pay vast amounts of money in taxes for schools. Is that fair? I don’t think so, but I’m alright with that as long as there is some money left over for me. I made it after all.

As with health care, a bigger base of people means each can pay less and the total is more.

By the way, why do people hate on the rich guy? Don’t we all want to be like him someday? As long as the money is made legally and within the confines of the laws of our society.

Quit moaning and design or invent or work your self into prosperity. I’m not going to do it for you. You have to do your own homework to get good grades don’t you? Or do you cheat at that also.

Don”t cheat yourself. Get out there and make your fortune. There’s plenty of money out there to be made by the smart and hard working people in our society.

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