President Trump and North Korea

If you have read all of my travel blogs you will know that my wife and I visited North Korea right before the Olympics in China.

Believe me when I tell you that you have no idea how bad it is there for the North Koreans. Freedom does not exist in any form there and the state controls everything to the detriment of the people.

There are few good books about North Korea worth reading. “The Aquariums of Pyongyang,” is one.

Perhaps you didn’t know it, but South Korea sends manufacturing work to the north to help them get hard currency. In any event, the place is a wreck.

What if Trump does get something going with The North Koreans and the lives of the citizens there are improved just a little. Are we so selfish that we will put politics ahead of a people’s welfare.

Our country has sent money to, many evil countries for decades for no good reason. We know what Trump stands for, and we see more each day. There are few surprises with him.

He may not be the most articulate man on the planet, but at least he is trying to break new ground. If that scares you, then vote him out next time.

So far, the results have been pretty good if you take the time to find out what he has accomplished. He isn’t perfect, but the presidents of our country seldom are.

Try to put our country ahead of your politics and make a difference your self. Write your congressperson and let them know how you feel about the issues at hand. Remind them of what cowards they have been lately. But keep your hands to yourself and be civil.