Trump and North Korea

It looks like the summit was a failure to find an agreement between the U.S. and North Korea.

That effort may have failed, but at least we tried.

For those of you that hate Trump, I guess you see that as a victory. For those of us who would like the world to be a little safer, we see it as an attempt to make the world just that.

Kim Jun Un has little reason to change anything in his country. If he moves towards Democracy he just looses power and his hold over the society.

His cohorts have little to gain from a move toward freedom either. When the North Korean people discover what the rest of the world and South Korea are like, the rulers of the North will be hanging quickly at the end of a rope.

I hope we can all put things in a proper, realistic and historical perspective.

Do a little research on what was happening in China after WW ll and you will see how the media let us down that time as well.

For some reason the media has a left of center agenda and does not care about the United States future as a free democracy.

They will tout the ideas of the left, even as those living in Venezuela and North Korea starve. If you want to go down that road you must ask yourself some serious questions. Has the history of the last eighty years shown you nothing.

Just ask someone who has lived in Poland or East Germany what it was like. I am constantly amazed by the lack of knowledge of those who promote the totalitarian model of a government of socialism. Are they too weak to make their own decisions? Haven’t they ever read a book. Read “Stasi Land” and learn about the East German Secret Police.

By the way, I have come across a few people just back from Scandinavia on my travels and things there are much worse there than the American press relate to us. Women are being accosted in the streets on a regular basis now. It isn’t safe to be female, blonde, or to be out in public.

I have Japanese television on my cable service and watch their English news casts for more and better information about what is happening around the world, especially in North Korea. It is at least, a different source.

The North Koreans leaders think big and have egos to match.