Important health news-Please read this-Aug 2019

I am interested in many things and perhaps a little whacky.

Because of that, I happened upon a very interesting documentary on Japanese television regarding treatment for paralysis and stroke issues.

It seems that there is a new experimental treatment using undifferentiated stem cells injected back into your own body. The cells are taken from the bone marrow at the hip and run through a series of separation and purification procedures. The stem cells seem to migrate to the injured nerve areas and cause some repair of the nerves when reintroduced into the body.

I volunteer in a hospital two days a week and happened to talk to someone who is in the field and I was encouraged to learn that in fact, this type of treatment is being used experimentally in a few places around the world. There have been some wonderful recovery stories.

It is also helpful for stroke victims and MS patients. It takes some time for the procedure to work, but at long last there seems to be some hope on the horizon.

If anyone you know suffers an accident or injury to the spinal cord or already is injured or ill, PLEASE make this information known to them as soon as possible. The results are best if treatment starts within thirty days or less.

I believe Sapporo University Hospital in Japan is working on this. If something horrible does happen, please remember this information and contact them, or the best neurologist, near you. The treatment isn’t being done much in the United States for some odd reason. I with hold judgment on that, at the moment.

Please contact your state and federal representatives often and with vigor about this issue. They may not be aware of the science. Perhaps they might be able to do more if made aware of this medical procedure.

Perhaps by increasing pressure on the medical community and our representatives, we can help more people get proper treatment and they will have a better chance at a good recovery.