Sept.11, 2019 – The Grand Circle

We had another great breakfast at our hotel this morning. The choices were almost endless.

We then left for an all day drive in a bus out into the vast interior of Iceland and back, under cloudy skies.

There are looming black mountains out in the distance but the ground all around us is covered in lava and moss of every type and color.

It’s no wonder that companies come here to make fictional movies that take place on other planets and far away lands. It is a fairy wonderland.

Waterfalls and rivers are all around us as we venture out to the Thingvelir National Park.

Fishing is a pleasant pastime practiced out here. Large trout and Salmon are abundant.

We have arrived at the Geyser Hot Spring Center just in time for an early lunch and a stroll past several hot springs and a geyser that erupts fifty feet or more into the sky every ten minutes or so.

My wife and I then walked up the long hill past several hot pots and smoking fissures. She took some great photos here.

The vast expanse around us was unbelievable. The horizon is low and wide. There is nothing to impede our view of the mountains still off in the far distance. There are mountains all around us with steam clouds rising here and there, among them from deep fissures in the earth. It was absolutely breathtaking.

Every color was laid out in front of us in the mountains and the rolling landscape. There was not a tree to be seen anywhere. There were trees here in the past, but more about that later.

We then came down the hill and walked through the huge visitor center. It has two restaurants, a bar and a gift shop. Then left to go to the Golden Falls.

They are similar to Victoria Falls, if a bit smaller. All the while, we are driving through volcano calderas and seeing more volcanos for miles around us.

The countryside is a fairy landscape but we saw very few hobbits or trolls.

Iceland is a wonderful place to visit. There are many activities in the city and the countryside to participate in. If you are interested in geography and thermal science, then this place is for you.

From the natural hot steam used to turn turbines for electricity to the hot water that is pumped through insulated pipes all over the country for homes and businesses, you will not be disappointed.

The people are friendly and welcoming and make you feel at home. We have stayed at many Hiltons and always find them very comfortable and well designed.

The staff here was very helpful and professional. We thank you for all that you did for us while we stayed there.

As always, my wife is taking very good care of me.

Tomorrow we leave for Norway and our ship, the Viking Sea. We came to Iceland to spend a few extra days before the cruise from Norway which will return here. We will fly back to Bergen to board our ship in the morning.