Leaving Folsom – Oct. 21, 2019

We are leaving Folsom for home today. We had a nice visit with family, but sadly we have to leave. All is well here and our long drive is now before us.

As I have said before, this country is beautiful anytime of the year.

This part of California is famous for desperate characters, gold and copper mining and many other things.

Black Bart was one of the desperadoes who plied his trade here on the stagecoach lines.

He was finally captured after several robberies. He never fired his weapon and left a couple of poems at his robbery sites as well. He was an Englishman gone wrong.

He was captured in this area and sentenced to six years in San Quentin but only served four years. He did not fair well in prison and came out as an old man with health problems.

When asked if he might continue his life of crime, he answered, “No gentlemen, I am through with crime. Some folks just need a hard lesson to change their ways I guess.

Mark Twain came out to California in the 1860’s and worked at the Territorial Enterprise Newspaper. He wrote the short story, The Celebrated Frog of Calaveras County here in California. It was his first successful story and garnered him some fame as a writer.

In southern California, we had Joaquin Murrieta who was a farmer and miner who lost his land and family to unscrupulous locals. He got his revenge through trickery and was fictionalized by Johnston McCulley as Zoro.

Come to California and learn some interesting history and see some great landscapes from the Great Central Valley to the Pacific Ocean.

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