The Ouija board – October, 2019

The Ouija board was invented by Elijah Bond and patented on May 28, 1890.

I only mention this because it is a powerful tool in some hands and Halloween is coming up.

When my sister was around nine and I was in my early teens, we had good luck conjuring up a spirit who was more than willing to speak with us.

I wrote down everything that he told us, but sadly through moves over the years those details have been lost.

I have not forgotten the gentleman, however.

He lived in Mississippi on a plantation and was confined to a wheel chair due to a riding accident.

That is all that I remember. It was not an unpleasant or frightening experience. It was rather matter of fact, actually.

I mention this as my keyboard is very much like an Ouija board.

I sit down and start writing with no idea of what will come forth. I guess some would say that it shows in my writing. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? I cannot or will not answer that. I only know that when I sit down here, I meet some very interesting people.

I go back and read over my stories and clear up mistakes and improve them each time, hopefully.

I go back and make a list of characters after I have begun to write the story. If I wait too long, it can become rather difficult to keep track of them and their relationships to each other in order.

I can’t explain this process, but I am sure others do it the same way. Perhaps they are the ones like me, who are never noticed. I can’t say, but I will plug along and see who I meet next.

Have a safe Halloween and don’t be too, scarred. It will all be over soon enough.

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