Oct.20, 2019 – Off to Folsom

We headed back south to Folsom on the 5 Freeway through the Great Central Valley of California.

It is the bread basket of our state.

We are getting a second look at the countryside and it is just as beautiful as I remembered.

Part of our trip is along the California Aqueduct which brings water from northern California to the these farmlands and further to the south and into the large metropolitan areas of California.

There have been many battles between the north and the south of California about the water. Many long and ugly political battles have been fought over water rights here.

We made it to Folsom from Redding in 2 hours and 30 minutes. It was Sunday and the traffic was light.

The winding highway beckons me and leads me on our journey south.

The mountains in the west now frame our journey as we head south through orchards and farms and small towns.

I have been to many countries and this is as beautiful as any. If you are coming to America, come to California and see the Great Central Valley and learn about it’s colorful history.

Come and see what the brave and the bold found here.

More about that later.