Oct. 20,2019 – We are off to Folsom

We had a great visit with some former neighbors of my wife.

They have two grown children that my wife had baby sat when she was a young teenager.

They all shared fond memories and I had a chance to meet them again. I learned about, their past with my wife.

Many stories were told and I gleaned more information about my wife’s, distant past.

We are now headed south to Folsom. We are now off to visit my niece and her husband. They are both veterinarians.

Did you know the Pony Express ended in Folsom at the Wells Fargo Bank?

It is 184.5 miles to Folsom and should take 2 hours and fifty minutes.

Our new car has not complained in any way and seems to be powerful enough for the hills and mountains.

It rained last night, but we slept through it.