Thurs. Sept.19, 2019 – Prince Christian Sound

Today we are sailing through Prince Christian Sound, Greenland.

We lost our original first stop due to the rough seas that we have experienced on this trip.

Hurricane Dorian has been attempting to catch us during this whole voyage. We have been just hours ahead of it due to the captains diligence and good planning. This sound is as narrow as 1500 feet and very deep.

This sound is at the bottom portion of Greenland and is a sheltered passage to the west. The views are wonderful. As we head south on our trip, the fall colors are better, or so it seems.

We spent the day sailing through a calm, lake like setting with all types of trees in beautiful fall colors on both sides of us.

This trip has not been as planned and we have not yet seen the “Northern Lights,” but it still has been very relaxing and worthwhile.

We have entertainment every night and wonderful food and great companionship. What else can one desire on a vacation or in life for that matter.

We have had rain off and on passing through this sound, it is cold and it is sometimes a little rough going, but such is life. We are happy to take the not so good with the great.