Grandpa Ernie’s Secrets-Sept. 2019

There will be many more pictures coming to my travel site very soon.

Ernie is finished and up on Amazon now. It is filled with characters out of today’s news. I think that it is very timely.

It is a little tongue in cheek sometimes but for anyone who knows Rome, it should be fun. There are lots of street names and locations in it.

I am working on the rewrite of Sailing Away now.

You might ask yourself why I put up these stories and then rewrote them. That’s a good question.

My only answers are that I wanted the site up as soon as possible, and after reading my stories again, several months later, the characters and plot lines seem to have had some room for improvement.

Like a good wine, time does make somethings better and more clear.

I’m always willing to try to improve my stories. Only a few of you lucky readers will have read the original ones anyway.

My other books are as follows, Atlanta, Adventures of the Smith Family, Sailing Away, Judgment Day, Kazu, son of Oshida Kamasaki, and Sunrise, Sunset, a book of short stories.

I am woking on a few other stories and have completed others that will be put up as another book of short stories soon.

Please look at my travel blog if you are interested in travel. There are some useless travel tips there, yes, I said useless. And the other parts of the site on my years growing up might be interesting to some.

If you have read Running with Scissors or the Crystal Castle or Crystal Palace, these stories might be interesting to you.