My books – Nov. 26, 2019

I have put the first chapters of some of my books for you to read on my site. I hope that they might be interesting to you and make you want to read one of my books.

I have received some good reviews for “The Adventures of the Smith Family” on Amazon and Good Reads.

These chapters are a gift to you for the Holiday Season from me. I don’t need the money, thankfully, from these book sales.

I am already more successful in life than I had ever imagined possible. I’m not talking about only financially, by the way.

I have a wonderful wife, a son who is out on his own in the world and making a go of it, and friends and family who can stand me for short bits of time.

These books are just a hobby and a way of me to put out some ideas that I think are important for us to revisit.

Please be careful over the holidays and remember to support those who need our help in some way.

Money isn’t always the answer to the problems that we and our neighbors suffer from. Some time it’s just a helping hand or a moment of your time to listen or pay attention.

My wife and I volunteer two days a week at a local hospital. We give half a day twice a week and are often reminded how a little help makes a big difference to someone who is suffering perhaps, the worst day of their life, with an ill family member or friend.

You often won’t ever know how much a little kindness from you can help someone.