Hong Kong – 2019

What are you going to do to help these brave people in Hong Kong.

How long does liberty have to be kept from the Chinese people?

Sadly this despicable regime continues to imprison and kill its own people.

What can we do to topple this criminal government?

Refuse to buy Chinese products. Buy products made in other countries, or from your own countries. Make sure the companies that you deal with are not Chinese.

Tell everyone you know to do the same. These Chinese leaders are making tons of money on the backs of their own people who still have very few political rights.

Think about what you would do if put in the same position. Do everything you can to support them.

Many of them have already been killed and are in prison for the rest of their lives for asking for basic human rights.

Put up stories on your websites to make the Chines people know that you stand with them.

There are only two ways this will end.

We will have hundreds of brave young students killed and everything remains the same, or many thousands or millions killed and a possibility of a free China.

How long will we allow these criminals in this illegal government to imprison the Chinese people?