Ireland – My ancient homeland – Dec.27,2019

Some of my family was from Ireland. Some of use were Browns at one time.

My wife and I have traveled to Great Britain many times. She still has family in England.

I love London and it feels like home to me.

I however, sadly, have lost track of my Irish family.

We were Browns at one time in Ireland. I have kissed the Blarney Stone and lived to tell of it.

I had Scottish family as well in the distant past. My mother’s father was a Stuart. Some of my mother’s mother’s family were Daniels as well and from good stock in England.

We lived in Devonshire sometime ago in history and have Welsh lineage too. We lived in Newton Abbott centuries ago.

We in our family have all managed to get along with this mixed heritage. Sadly these four countries have not always done the same.

That is all in the distant past for the most part, I hope.

I know that some things have happened recently that made relations somewhat more difficult for these four countries, but we need to try and get past those affronts created by policy makers and get on with living and making the best future for ourselves and our families.

Look at the nonsense with Brexit. The people voted for it and their government failed to listen to them.

Let’s not blame each other for the bad behavior of our governments.

We are all cousins who hale from Great Britain recently or in the distant past.

I hope you all had a great time at whatever special gathering you had for the holidays.

I welcome all of you from Great Britain who have come to my site.

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Atlanta and Judgment Day are Detective stories. They are interesting and very different. I will say no more about them.

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Have a great New Years!

Blarney Castle