Free everything – Beware of the liars

If you talk to any person from Cuba that had to escape in fear of their lives, you would know what Socialism does.

Go there and see for yourself, as I have.

I have been to all of the communist countries that remain and most of the socialist countries.

Go there yourself to see what really is happening.

Scandinavia is a group of very capitalist countries in spite of what the left says.

The medical system is socialist, in that everyone has medical coverage, but remember that they also pay almost 50% in taxes. The population of Scandinavia is is only around 21 million people.

There is no free anything, but there is a possibility of making things better without destroying what we have created after many decades.

The Demographics play a very important part in these issues as well.

What happens to all of us who worked and payed for health insurance for forty years and took less money per hour and paid into health insurance when the government takes it over.

Are they going to pay everyone back for all the money we paid into private insurance coverage?

Remember, in England they have Socialized medicine.

The care is very limited and takes very long to receive, unless you buy private insurance. Again, there is no free ride. The system is nearly bankrupt.

My wife’s family lives there and we have been many times. We have heard many stories about their medical care. Some of them like it and some don’t.

I have met more than one Doctor coming home from a trip to England who is coming to the US looking for work due to the pay and the conditions they work under.

Do a little research before you vote. Your life may depend on it.