Grandpa Ernie’s Secrets is edited 2-22-20

The final, edited version of Grandpa Ernie’s Secrets is available now on Amazon.

It’s free in the Kindle Lending Library.

It is an interesting and fun spy novel with some light hearted and surprising moments. It takes place mostly in Italy, but starts in Washington D.C. at Georgetown.

I am now writing the story of Ernie’s father in WW ll. It’s about the families fictional connections to the CIA. It is a prequel. The rewrite and editing of “The Adventures of the Smith Family” has been completed as of March 6, 2020. It will be up on Amazon shortly.

I just returned from Molokai and have added some tales and photos to my travel blog.

The photos are up now. My wife taught me how to do it.

Oh well, some things never change.
Please be nice to each other.

Have you started your novel yet? Why not. You are very interesting. Someone told me about you the other day.

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