Day 7 Our Vacation on Molokai 2-18-2020

Sadly we leave this little island tomorrow.

We have seen most of the coast of the island and several beautiful beaches.

We have driven inland and seen some of the historical sights there.

We have been into town a couple of times for provisions and for a few small gifts for friends. Everyone has been very nice.

We flew to the village of Kalaupapa where the lepers and Father Damien came to live. We learned a great deal there.

The story of rounding up these poor people on the other islands is a sad one. Life is not perfect and this story shows that all too well.

This is not a fast paced island. If you want the tourist thing, you need to go elsewhere for the most part. There are historical things to see here if you are interested.

I have been to all of the islands except for one over the last forty years. There has always been a small undercurrent of dislike for those of us from the mainland.

I think that the Hawaiians should have a vote to leave our union and go on their own with my best wishes.

If we need a military base, we could perhaps lease it from them after they have become a nation again. In these modern times, perhaps these islands may not be as necessary to our defense as they once were.

I would still come here if allowed to visit these beautiful islands. I wish them well in becoming a nation again. But that also includes no support for the people other than those who worked and earned pensions from the government and the companies they rightfully deserve pensions from. No foreign aid for anything.

They have the skills to form a new nation and succeed. If the vote says to leave, leave and good luck.

The people who live here have been through many hardships. I am sorry for what those people, long dead and still alive did to you. The world is not a perfect place and surely you know that.

We have had only good contacts here other than a ticket I was issued. My fault, no more need to said on that. The police officer was polite and professional. I was being very careful to keep my speed down, but a rolling stop got me. Such is life and lesson learned.